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About Memento Publishing

At Memento Publishing we are inspired by art and dedicated to producing,

publishing, marketing and selling books that encompass a passion for the

artistic lifestyle. With a focus on body art and the tattoo culture, Memento

seeks to highlight the achievements of this ever-growing genre.

We aim to produce inspirational, educational, and informative art books with

distinct designs and excellent editorial. Whether a gallery-themed edition of

full-color photos; an instructionally-based tutorial; or a combination of the

two, Memento can help you through the publication process.

As tattoo artists and enthusiasts ourselves, the Memento staff is passionate

about instilling positive perceptions of the body art lifestyle. Great ideas

begin like a seed, and sometimes need support and direction to blossom and

grow. We can help you through these various stages of the process: outlining,

writing, layout, proofing, printing and marketing. Bring your concept to life

by submitting your book idea today. Visit the submission page to get started

and watch your idea come to life.

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