Black Rotary Mad-Max Tattoo Machine by EPIC -

Black Rotary Mad-Max Tattoo Machine by EPIC

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Short, portable tattoo pen with an ergonomic and lightweight design for optimal maneuverability.  Move more, worry less with this exclusive tattoo pen design that gives artists more freedom and flexibility. It’s more suitable for large-area coloring packing. Let you focus on the tip of the cartridge needle to drawing delicate lines and make soft transition shadows. Low vibration and reduced heat generation can be achieved based on the nanotechnology motor. We have improved its CAM at the same time and finished manufacturing in a French factory. The integrated CAM now includes 3.5mm eccentric wheels, flexible drive pins, and precision bearings, which make perfect soft shades and color packing. Our tattoo machine puts you in complete control with ultimate consistency. Bringing you back to the future.

Key Features

  • Professional shader machine
  • Shader and solid color work efficiently, avoid repeated coloring and cause skin damage
  • The nominal voltage is 12V
  • The speed and frequency belong to the middle level. Suitable for most people’s operating speed.
  • Support wired power supply, support battery power supply
  • diameter 34mm grip
  • Length: 96mm
  • light Design, only 147g
  • The connection RCA
  • Accepts all major cartridge brands
  • The eccentric can be replaced


  1 Machine 1 RCA Cord a few O-ring.