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Intenze Cleanze Foaming Soap

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Intenze Cleanze Ready to Use Anti-septic Tattoo and Aftercare Solution – 1.7oz

Intenze Cleanze Concentrate is now easier to use than ever with this new Intenze Cleanze Ready to Use Spray. Cleanze Ready to Use is an all-natural and alcohol-free solution that will preserve the tattoo quality while soothing your skin during and after the tattoo procedure. This antiseptic spray will cool the irritated area to reduce redness without any burning sensation. Intenze Cleanze Ready to Use comes in a 1.7oz (50ml) bottle with a user-friendly foam cap.


Bottle Size: 1.7 oz. (50ml)

For use during and after tattoo procedure

Anti-septic; reduces redness and rejuvenates skin

Preserves tattoo quality and vibrancy

All natural and alcohol-free (no burn)