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Wipe Outz Cleansing Tattoo Aftercare Wipes - Singles

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WIPE OUTZ™ Cleansing Tattoo Aftercare Packs — Single Individually Packaged Tattoo Wipes

Safely Clean Your Fresh New Tattoo Anywhere, Anytime!

Perfect for on-the-go tattoo aftercare. Convenient, no rinse formula, no sink needed.

  • Generously soaked in our antibacterial, antimicrobial, cooling WASH formula.
  • Sterilized, No Sting, Non-Toxic, Soothing
  • Durable & Soft, Alcohol and latex free
  • Vegan! No Animal Testing!


Wash Your New Tattoo 3 Times a Day. But How?

A tattoo is essentially a fresh open wound! Cleaning your fresh tattoo is common practice at 3-4 times a day to prevent infection and ensure proper healing. Even if you have access to a bathroom and a sink when you’re out, it’s not a clean environment for this type of care. Everything in that space could contaminate your new tattoo if you’re not careful!